Cram Technology was founded on April 26th, 2005 a self-reliant global leader in consulting, technology, and next-generation services as a global provider of high-quality software development servicesthat delivers world-class software solutions to clients of every size.

Cram Technology derives its name fro mthe Sanskrit word Chetna, meaning “consciousness of mind”. “CRAM” as the name suggests completely filled with the new innovative approaches towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability, offering

Cram Technology's expertise spans across the entire software technology spectrum. Our ability in being a complete solutions provider removes the hassle of managing multiple vendors, logistics, and technological bottlenecks


From the beginning, the company was endowed on the fundamentals of building and implementing great new ideas that foster customer obsessed innovation culture among our working people so that we can drive development for clients and enhance lives through enterprise solutions with the latest technologies. . We take pride in our ability to deliver excellent software solutions to our clients around the world .Hence; our solutions are tailor-made based on the organization's budget, specific needs, and requirements, with the capability to scale-up as the client grows.


The Cram Team comprises highly experienced techno management professionals that have grown organically to a team of over 1,000 skilled professionals with over 8 years of success and experience with the team of consultants providing world leading solutions that help organizations of all sizes to optimize and streamline their operation and cost. We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies as we work with the people who can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions by investing into new technologies. With this principle Cram Technology has global partnerships with several leading fortune, 1000 firms, including several IT and technology majors.

As a corporate principle we believe in winning repeat business from our existing customers through our hard-work and dedication. We provide exceptional services and support so that your company gets nothing but the very best from your investment in Information Technology with CRAM. Our customers benefit from a unique combination of strategic business vision and practical IT expertise that delivers the bespoke solutions within budget.

Our Advantage

Finding a true and seamless back-end software technology partner is an area that entities have struggled with across all industries. While cost is an important factor, it is not our only competitive advantage. As a U.S. corporation with a global employee base, we took a step back and modified our service delivery models to fit our customer's needs. We focus on "productivity" and "value" as our key driving factors. Some of our differentiators include:

1. Industry Specific Experience - Cram Technology works across various industry segments including gaming,> healthcare, hospitality, retail, telecom, travel & tourism, transportation, finance, banking, HCM, education, self-service, supply chain, and others. Our teams are organized in virtual divisions that have the domain expertise and know-how within each industry to offer exceptional technology solutions. Our engineers are quick to relate and understand our customer's needs given their industry experience.

2. Scalability and Support - Cram Technology works with you based on your software objectives to find 9uthe areas that are best suited to bring you value and the quickest return on investment. Based on your needs, we define specific tactics and dedicate a team that can ramp up or down as necessary. With a base of more than 1,000 engineers, our expertise spans the entire software technology spectrum. As a flexible partner, we will work with your company to find the best model to start with and if needed, can be customized further.

3. You Own the Source Code and IP – Cram Technology’s fully customizable software solutions require no licensing fees at project completion. Under our agreement, you will own the source code and intellectual property of your proprietary software.

4. Real-Time Communication and Collaboration - Cram Technology has always followed a "customer comes first” philosophy. Our governance is simple, flexible, and focused on providing end results to our clientele. We value our customer relationships and take extra steps to ensure that our customers are always satisfied. Our global teams work within your native time zone to allow real time collaboration and a true "branch location" feel, where our project managers are available to you through your business hours. We use software development methodologies like Scrum / Agile, RIPP and others, to ensure communication between a globally distributed technical resource pools.

Corporate Culture

Cram Technology believes that quality organization is defined by the ability of a group of individuals working together towards a common goal. Here at Cram Technology we are committed to the advancement of the organization through the growth of our team members with educational opportunities and upward mobility. Our advantage is our team of talented, hardworking, and dedicated personnel that strive to uphold Cram Technology's corporate ideals of excellence and self-discipline. We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and take pride in our culturally diverse team of capable professionals by celebrating a multitude of backgrounds, cultures, and religions. We believe our core values and our ideologies are reflected in each and every endeavor we undertake; to use our diverse team to provoke innovation and creativity to provide world-class software development services to our clients. Our greatest strength and asset is our team of talented individuals. Our passion for excellence is one of many reasons that Cram Technology has continued to grow over the years and it will be that same dedication that will ensure we continue to be the go-to software development provider for companies throughout the world.

"We are as passionate about being a part of our communities as we are to delivering high-quality software services. It is for this reason that we support our communities in times of need and support organizations that work to better the lives of the people who make up our communities."

Customer obsessed innovation environment

We create customer obsessed innovation environment by inducing the customer orientation concept among our working people. We have the priority to make our customer empowered, armed with ever increasing digital capability; increasingly expect any information, any service, at their moment of need. We call it AGE OF THE CUSTOMER. It mandatory to us to have the best overall knowledge of our customer and technology know-how to deliver a superior customer experience and drive growth.

We have a dedicated team having research and the research is ongoing but our action leaders are shaping their customer-obsessed operating model- focused on customer loyalty, innovation, and most importantly, growth, and fueled by customer insight – are becoming clear:

Investing in new skills- where we believe in cultivating software engineering, analytics, and customers experience design competencies to meet and exceed customer experience expectations.

Disrupting processes- Your customers get value added services and capabilities from other firms they do business with almost daily. We have the regular updates from our customers to be agile, at scale, and not just within your teams but across the entire organization. That includes Marketing, Finance, and business units design, fund, and deliver to your customers’ moments of need. We do create innovatively customer obsessed environment through our re-engineering system, assembling new teams, modifying governance and transforming culture. We constantly learn about our customers and innovate accordingly and mitigate the risk factor which required lots of time to spend with our customers and our team concurrently doggedly study of the competition and validate of concept before implementation.